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Behind The Brew: Muldowney Irish Red

One of the core values of Jones Beach Brewing Company is our tagline "Don't Come Empty Handed, Knock With Your Feet". We try our best to make sure that we stick to that in our light-hearted way (bringing beer to the party) but also in how we give back to our community.

Many of the people involved with JBBC are either firefighters or come from families with firefighters. Freeport, where most of our team is from, has a proud tradition of volunteer firefighters. We are thankful to all first responders for doing what they do day in and day out.

One of Freeport's own was lost on 9/11 and we wanted to honor him for his heroic sacrifice. Richard T. Muldowney Jr. was a volunteer firefighter in Freeport and Ladder 7 for the FDNY. He was known for his work ethic. Anyone who knew him knew he had found his calling and was the textbook example of what a firefighter could, and should, be. A portion of proceeds from each sale of Muldowney Irish Red goes to the Tunnel To Towers Foundation.

We developed the Muldowney Irish Red as a tribute to his memory. It was designed as a light, easy drinker that would be perfect for St. Patrick's Day. The recipe combines a typical combination of grains with a unique hop to get its distinct flavor profile. The hop is called Cherry Valley and it's a wild hop found in upstate NY. Our friends at Alta Vista Hop Farms found this hop growing in their town and have painstakingly worked to get it to New York brewers. Cherry Valley is a unique hop strain that isn't found anywhere else in the world.

The next batch of Muldowney Irish Red will be released on 2/17. Four packs can be found at Freeport Beverage and many of your other favorite distributors around the island in the coming weeks!

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